Saturday, March 24, 2012

This and that

Rocco and I went for a ride in the Gator the other night.  It was hot-thus the panting.

I wasn't going to take him-but he automatically jumped in when I started it.  Larry said to go ahead and take him.  The dog has good balance!

This is him throwing his head around when I tried to get his attention.  Yep-still hot out!

I found more lichen in a heart(ish) shape.

Pretty ponies!

The forsythia has bloomed this week in all its beautiful yellow glory!

Along with horses, I see chickens on my way to town too.

This dandelion growing in the crack of our cement slab is in bloom too!


My desktop computer was attacked by malware the other day.  Thank goodness for my little netbook!  I could google my problems and watch youtube videos and fix it in a round about way.

Hope you have a great weekend!


Michaelanne said...

Beautiful photos! I LOVE the does not do well here:(...Those dandelions are so hardy...growing in cement! Now, that is persistent!! SO sorry about your laptop! Hope you have it fixed soon...

Dawnie said...

Love Rocco's pix! Adam just mentioned that the forsythia was blooming too. It is so pretty! I can't believe all the hearts you find in nature. I need to try to look for some. We should start a "Find Hearts for Holly" Campaign!!

Anonymous said...

i love how you went outside and was in the gator!!!! thats so cute. like youuuuuu

A Friend on the Farm said...

Don't you love living in the country where you can hop on your little side by side with your dog and take a nice ride? I love days like that!

Inoureyes said...

Clever girl fixing your computer!