Wednesday, March 14, 2012

This and that

Round and round she goes, where she'll stop-no one knows!  (There's a lady bug on my mug!)

I could see this turkey vulture(?) circling and circling outside my window.

I've been Skyping with my girl!  She's at the beach this week.  I'm a little bit jealous!

I'm rooting a plant cutting a friend gave me.  I'm not sure what it's called, though.

I found a pleasant surprise in my junk drawer.  I was rooting around for some blue polish for my toenails and didn't I find a heart shaped bottle of nail polish.  Mom must have given it to me-she gives me her polish she doesn't like.  It's Avon and the color is Lovey Dovey!


Rhonda said...

I think that plan may be a Wandering Jew. . .?

Holly C. said...

Someone on Flickr said the same thing, so I think that must be right. Thanks!

beki said...

Oh, the beach does sound nice. I hope your girl is having a fabulous time!

Dawnie said...

I talked to Hope indirectly through Alexa Murray in Biology today. She said that Hope said "Hi" to me and I said to tell Hope "Hi" back but I'm not sure how she could possibly be talking to her when she is not allowed to use her phone in my classroom. Kids!! Anyhow, I didn't realize she was at the beach. It must be Spring Break at IUP?