Friday, March 30, 2012

Off my camera

I always see this pretty pink bush in the spring on my way to town-I had to stop and take a pic.  I think Larry's grandma had one of these bushes, but I don't know what it's called.

My neighbor's hens and chicks.

Under the tulip tree.

I went out to eat with my girl last weekend!

The prettiest volleyball I've ever seen-it's Jessica's.

Same tree-new app!
Here's the wasps' nest I took out of my kitchen window-natural decor!  Have a great weekend, everybody! 


Rhonda said...

Not sure, but is that Rose of Sharon?

A Friend on the Farm said...

Holly, you always take the most beautiful pictures. I like the first one too and I think we used to have that growing beside my old house. Pretty, pretty!!!!!!!!! Happy Saturday.

Michaelanne said...

Beautiful photos! It looks a bit SPRINGIER there..Yesterday, it snowed..boohoo! BUT, nothing stuck! It is cold..we are still staying cozy by the fire! I LOVE that you saved the wasp nest..I need to start a nature collection!
Have a great Sunday Holly:)

littlemancat said...

Hi Holly,
Nice pics- I really like under the tulip tree. I think the top pic is a flowering quince.