Monday, November 14, 2011

Handmade gifts, part two & Kimmie's Korners

I was at my youngest sister's place yesterday and so, of course,
I took my ipod around and took pics.  She lives in an apartment
which is the top floor of a house.  It's really cute!  Anyhow, she
got some new wall decals.  I think she said this one is called
dandelion dance.  Love it!

Here's a little stack of quilts I've made Kimmie over the years. 

I ended up giving her the first beach blanket to go that I made-I
didn't use it anyhow.

This is a pillow I made Kimberly awhile ago.  I made it from old
fake moleskin shirts.  I think they were my middle sister Jodie's.

This is a pretty korner.  (I'm going to be korny and use k's, k?)

A pillow I covered for her.  I was in my frayed rosette phase.

Here's a potholder I made for Kimmie.  I was in my dishtowel potholder phase.

Kim uses this clothespin holder to hold plastic bags.

Little cookbooks on a plate rack.  Cute idea, don't you think???

Kimmie's other kookbooks.

Fall decor!

Here's the yarn wrapped wreath I helped make.  Yep-more frayed rosettes.

I love those things!

Hello, Eartha!

Hello, No Name!

Hello, Oceana!

Hi, Skye!

Here are coasters from my criss-cross coaster phase.

Mom made us girls some crocheted coasters last year.

I'm loving the blue and brown!

Awww-little fake kitty in a crocheted bowl!

Lovely garland wrapped around  Kim's railing-I think she got this at

Hope you enjoyed the tour.  Have a wonderful day!


~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Her apartment is so sweet and you're very generous to share all of your handmade goodness with her.

Anonymous said...

Your sister shares your talent for decorating!:) I love how you went through your PHASES! The other day my daughter and I were cracking up about the COW phase I went through in my kitchen..:) Needless to say, I think we are BOTH glad that phase ended!lol!!! Your photos are always! Have a great day Holly! I am off, and plan to do some sewing:-)

Dawnie said...

Kim has a beautiful home! And many beautiful things! Love all the lovely things you made for her! You are the most generous giver in the whole wide world!!!!

Wendy said...

Kim has a cute place. You girls all decorate the same.... amazing things made by Holly :)