Saturday, October 29, 2011

This and that

I didn't do any decorating for Halloween (or fall for that matter) (besides with the natural cobwebs, gnarly apples on branches, old birdie nests, pine cones, and acorn tops) this year, but this morning I moseyed on down to the basement to find the magic potions that I made last year.

(See that recipe box on the bottom-I bought it at a yard sale and it's filled with recipes.  I think it was 50 cents or a dollar.  The top recipe box came from Goodwill.)

They're none the worse for wear.   They look exactly the same as they did last year.

That old spice rack that I bought at Goodwill a while ago really came in handy.  I have a ton more bottles-I'll have to remember to get them out and use them for little vases.  I think that would be sweet!

Oops!  Guess what-I forgot to buy treats for Halloween.   I found some Hershey bars that I had for smores and I have some Little Debbies in the freezer-so I think I'll be okay.  We only usually get two Halloweeners anymore, anyhow!

Ohhhhh-here's my little Halloweener from Halloweens past.

  • Hoper just clowning around
  • My lil' pumpkin
  • P-p-power ranger
  • Calling nurse Hope!
Oh, those were the days!

I pulled another partial quart of grape sauce out of the freezer and made some more grape jam.  The others that I made is gone.  I gave three little containers away and we (or I should say mostly I) ate the other two.  Can you say sugar coma?

Oh, yes!  Today was the first snow of the season-bring it on, I say!


Dawnie said...

I wanted to call you this morning when I saw all the snow. I knew you would be as happy as I was when I saw the blanket of white!!LOVE IT!!! Sorry Rhonda. Love your little Halloweener. I was leaving school a few days ago and low and behold there stood Hope in the hall. I had to give her a great big hug and she even hugged me back! It was great to see her!!! Love your potions and I wish you lived closer. We could go into a sugar coma together. Wouldn't that be a great day! HA!

Anonymous said...

I would love to go into a sugar coma with you too:) I love your little bottles! Very crafty! I have Power Ranger pictures in my very RECENT past too!! We must be just about the same age..I think I am 2 years older..we raised our daughters at the same time..The years flew by..didn't they..Enjoy the snow! I can't believe you had snow before us:)