Saturday, October 8, 2011

Lily (and Gordon, Kim, and Aggie)

I finally finished this rug!  I've been working on it here and there all week.  This is Lily.  Yes-another flower name.  There are yellow lilies and there are blue water lilies (I looked it up!), so Lily it is.  Lily is, of course, made with thrifted sheets and shirts!

Here are all the named rugs so far:

Forrest, Liberty, Francie, Boris, Skye, Maisy, Daisy, Davey, Flora, Johnny, Apple, Eartha, Pinky, April, Rose, Autumn, Hyacinth, Linda, Americus, Oceana, Berry, Star, Thorne, Marina, Woody, Perry (Winkle), Rachel, Ever (Green), Mae (Flowers), Ricky Joe, Fern, Martha, Kathie Lee, Rusty, Sage, Jewel, George, Ginger, Hope, Willow, Poppy, Pansy, Greyson, Iris, Sapphire, Sunny, Crimson, Ivy, Viola, Goldie, Indigo, and now Lily.  That's 51 named rugs if I counted correctly.

Here's what's been keeping me entertained lately-Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares and How clean is your house with Kim and Aggie.

Gordon Ramsay goes into failing restaurants and tries to revamp them in Kitchen Nightmares.  Gordon says the F-word in practically every sentence that comes out of his mouth, but I can overlook it!  I've learned a few things from this show-never, ever buy a restaurant and think twice about where and what you eat!  Some of those restaurant kitchens are disgusting!  The American version of Kitchen Nightmares is on Fox at 8PM Eastern time on Fridays.

Oh, how I love How Clean is Your House!  Kim and Aggie (they are hilarious!) go into dirty (and I mean dirty!) homes, reprimand the home owners about the filth and then give tips about cleaning.  Then a cleaning crew comes in and cleans the house-top to bottom.  Warning-some scenes will turn your stomach!  Something I've learned from How Clean is Your House-no matter how dirty you think your own house is-there is someone else's that's dirtier!  I don't think it's on TV anymore (but I'm not completely sure) but you can watch some of the episodes on YouTube.  Just do a search.

Holy Cows!  It's a gorgeous fall day here, today!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Dawnie said...

Oh my gosh, I forgot about the show with Kim and Aggie. I used to watch it all the time. The bugs in the bed and crawling on the sink was so disgusting, but it was so nice to see it all spic and span at the end of the show. Love your cow picture. It looks like a painting. Very pretty! Also LOVE your latest rug. Lily is beautful It is fun to hear the names of all those lovely, lovely creations and so glad my house has been blessed with some. Thank You!!

cindy said...

Holly! what do you do with those rugs? you better be selling them! too cute. i have a couple of these from a friends grandma, love them. so easy to wash etc.

i love gordon ramsey. i don't know why because he is so obnoxious. but i watch kitchen nightmares and the old british ones too. i watch hells kitchen too, so trashy but good :)
happy saturday night

cindy said...

oh, p.s. is that last picture real? i mean a place near you, it looks like a post card!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Dawnie. Love ya!

Cindy-I've sold a handful of rugs, but I've given most of them away.

That's my back yard, Cindy. I thought it was pretty too!


~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

I'm a cleaning maniac -- but I could learn some new tricks. I'll have to check it out.