Monday, October 3, 2011

I must like rainbows...

because every time I spot one, I gasp, giggle, and grab my camera-like this afternoon!

And I make rainbow rag rugs!

And rainbow potholders!

I paint them on cement!
I line my clothespins up like a rainbow-although this is backwards!

And I LOVE rainbow cake-taste the rainbow!  (This is Jessica's birthday cake from two years ago.)
I hope you're having a good Monday!


Pam... said...

Awesome. The rainbow means that God will not forget His promise. Your art is lovely.

Julie Smith said...

I have quite the thing for rainbows, too. There are just so unbelievably jolly! I made one of those rainbow cakes for Arden one year but it wasn't nearly as spectacular as that one. Love it!

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

You strike me as a very colorful person! Bring on those rainbows.

Dawnie said...

Love the rainbows too! Remi and I drew an Irish picture and my contribution was a rainbow with a pot of gold. Love your rainbow pix and your rainbow rug and all your other wonderful rainbows. I wanted to wish sweet Jessica a happy birthday. I couldn't post for some reason the other day. Hope this works.