Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy 23rd our home

On October 30, 1988 we officially moved into our home.  Yes-we were married December 19, 1987-so that means I lived with my in-laws for nearly a year.  It wasn't too bad-we both worked full time and I was young.  (Now-I'm too set in my ways, I wouldn't be able do it.)  But I couldn't wait to get into a space of my own!  I was 20 years old.

Anyhow, the reason we had to wait is because we built this home (we-meaning my husband, me, family and friends, and our friend and neighbor who was a HUGE, HUGE help) with our own hands, and it wasn't ready yet.  It took about a year and a half to complete.

I was thinking about what the date was today while I was coloring my hair this morning (go figure)-and thought-oh yeah, today is my home's birthday.
So I went around and took some unstaged (okay-so I picked up some dirty clothes and piled some things up, closed the toilet lids and such) photos of the clutteredness, bad lighting and all.

Above is our dining room-although we don't eat at the table.  Never have and probably never will!  The wall paper has changed (quite recently) and so has the floor (really recently).

Ahhhh-the downstair bathroom.  I'm thankful for it-it's meant a lot less climbing of the stairs!

I've painted the top part, but the wallpaper is the same and so is the floor-vinyl.

There's my little kitchen(ette)!  Sometimes I'd like to strangle the architect that designed this tiny kitchen for this home.  Other times-I'm just grateful I have a kitchen.  Mostly I'm grateful.

The floor is the same, but the walls have been repapered.  I'm about ready for a change in here soon, stay tuned!

The living room-yep, a lot of living goes on in this room.  I rocked my baby COUNTLESS hours in that spot where the Lazyboy is.  That's our third Lazyboy.  We're hard on them.  This is where we eat too-a whole lotta eatin' has gone on in this room.  And Larry sleeps here too-I guess living room is the perfect name.

The floor has changed-it used to be carpet.  The walls are the same, they haven't even been painted.  And now you know-I have a deer head hanging on my wall.  The poor dear!

Our stairs-I'd like to know how many times I've climbed these over the last 23 years.  A LOT, I know that.

My bedroom, my bedroom!  You know how I love my bedroom!!!

Same carpet, same walls-the only thing that's changed over the years is the decor and I like it!

The upstairs bath-the place where I bathed my baby for so many years.  The same room where the teenager took hour long showers.  There hasn't been mold on the walls since she left!

The floor is the same, the paint is the same, but the wallpaper changed a few years ago.

Hoper's room-aka the junk room again.  It started out as the junk room, then became a nursery, then became Larry's bedroom for seven years (as little Hope wanted to sleep with Mommy), then became Hope's room again as she decided sleeping alone was A-okay!  Now back to a junk room.  Man, time flies! 

The carpet's the same, but the walls have been painted.

Happy birthday, Little Home-you've been so good to us!


Jessie said...

Lovely! You forgot to show the outside, though.

Holly C. said...

But, Jessie-then the boogeyman might get us!

tamw said...

Hi Holly,

I just wanted to say that I LOVE your house. It's so similar to mine it's kinda spooky. Same dining room (painted the same color also) same living room, same kitchen. I like what you've done with yours more though. In my defense, I've only been here five years. haha. I wish I'd lived in the same house since I got married. That must be really neat. (I got married in 87 as well)

Anyway, your probably wondering who I am. I'm Mike's sister (you follow her blog and you sent her the rugs) I just wanted to personally thank you. That was one of the sweetest, nicest things I've ever seen someone do. Mike's been having a really hard time with her leg/back and I know you seriously cheered her up, so thanks again!!!! I'm sure I'll be back to visit your blog--although, fair warning, I'm not nearly as crafty as you and Mike. :)

Holly C. said...

Awwww-how nice to hear from you!

Michaelanne is such a sweetie!!! I'm glad I could cheer her up a little. :)


Rhonda said...

Wow-23 years - makes me want to cry. I remember when you moved in! I also remember thinking "how on earth did she live with her inlaws for a year!" hee hee Do you think we're old? We are starting to reminisce like old women!

Pam... said...

That's awesome that you built that house! I love the bedroom too. We just did knotty pine tongue and groove on our walls in the livingroom. It totally looks like a cozy cabin now.
ps. I did the math and realized you aren't a 20 something like you look in your picture! Take that only as an honest comment/compliment!

Nichole said...

Happy birthday, House! It looks well loved and taken care of!

Holly C. said...

Yep, Rhonda-like a bunch of old women! Oh, well! Hey November is your and Dawnie's birthday month and then comes mine. Oh dear!!!!!

Oh, Pam-a twenty something. That's funny! I have to admit that my profile picture is over four years old and in the last four years I've gained A LOT of weight. Pictures that are taken now-I try to strategically hide behind someone or something!!!

Thanks, Nichole!

Michaelanneneal said...

Happy Birthday to your bee-U-tee-full home! I love your home, is warm, and cozy, and wonderfully decorated. You are a gem! I see my little sister commented here:) Just another admirer:) Thank you, are a sweet, amazing girl! I am so glad to have met you...XO

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

The memories within those wall are precious, I'm sure. Happy birthday to your house. There truly is no place like home.

Dawnie said...

What a wonderful celebration of your beautiful home!! Love all your home pix!!

Wendy said...

Holly, I didn't realize that you had such amazing wood work in your home. It is beautiful! No wonder you like decorating. It looks so comfy-cozy!