Sunday, June 5, 2011

A corny card

Today was my cousin Melsie's son's graduation party and of course-I didn't have a graduation card and of course-I didn't feel like going in town to get one.  So I improvised.

I took one of the note cards I had printed from my photos and added some corniness (it's a word-I looked it up) to it.  (I started out using a ball point pen-that was a bad idea because it wouldn't write right-I had to go over it with a felt tip.)

You know those little name cards that come with most graduation annoucements?  Well Ryan's was about to go into the trash (sorry-I don't keep these!), then I thought I might as well use it in his card, so I glued it on-Congratulations, Ryan P. XXXX.  Love, Larry, Holly, and Hope.  Short and sweet and to the point!

*AHEM~Name has been concealed to protect the identity of the graduate Boogeyman!*


Anonymous said...

Oh, I can see me using this technique as graduations creep up on me. Definitely gotta protect him from the boogeyman-dude.

-- Jodi

Rhonda said...

Very cute idea! I have to do the "inventive" thing a lot too! Oh well, it's the thought that counts anyway, and with guys it's usually just what's inside the card ($$) that they pay attention to! :-)