Friday, May 27, 2011


My rhododendron (I used to think they were called Road of Dendron) are in full bloom now.

We planted these the year before Hoper was born-so they are 20 years old now.  I used to trim them but now I don't.  They are above the deck now-so I'm guessing they are about 12 feet tall.

I took this photo from the deck on the side by the basement door.  I love my rocks with holes in them.

I cut a few blooms to enjoy indoors, because it won't be long till they fade away..........


Dawn S. said...

Very pretty Rhodies!

Dawnie said...

Oh, how pretty!!! Your flowers look so nice. How did your rocks get holes in them? They are perfectly round holes too.

Anonymous said...

Larry would bring them home from the strip job. I think the holes are from drilling for coal!


Anonymous said...

I love how natural everything looks around your house. Those stones are beautiful.

-- Jodi (once again being "anonymous." Thank you blogger.