Monday, February 7, 2011


This is Maisy.  Fraternal twin to Daisy.  In other words-I used much of the same fabric in each.  It took me a couple days to complete this one, only because I didn't pick it up and work on it like I had been working on the others.  Say it ain't so-I hope I'm not losing my mojo!

Oh-I have to laugh at this.  I'm always finding Rocco's little rawhides around the house like this.  We won't let him take them outside like he wants to, so he tries to bury them in the house.  I guess it's an instinct that can't be squelched!

Here's the hubster yesterday, scratching up our sheet of ice driveway-so I could get  to church.  I wish so badly that I would have recorded the little show he put on.  It was quite exciting seeing him slip and slide and almost go over into the culvert!


gardenmama said...

love love love these rugs you create!!!
the last photo looks like a toy truck : )
enjoy your week!

Dawnie said...

Love Daisy and Maisy,the twins!! Larry looks like he is having fun.

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

I should have seen Maisy coming. Appropriately named. Can I borrow your plow? My husband worked late on Saturday night so I shovelled the heaviest snow out of our drive for him. I definitely could have used some reinforcements.