Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy 40th! and 46th!

Happy 40th birthday to my beautiful sister, Jodie!  She doesn't look a day over 29!

Jodie and Jess

Jodie and Patrick (or Patty, as I like to call him)

Jodie and the fam!

Jodie and niece Hope

 And happy birthday to the hubster.  50 is right around the corner for him, oh my!


Dawnie said...

Lots of celebrations at your house this weekeend!!! Larry, Hope, and Jodie have a wonderful birthday!!!

Rhonda said...

Happy birthday to Jodie and Larry! Wow-46! Kevin would have been 51 this year - that does seem really old, doesn't it? Can you believe we are middle age?

Jodie said...

thanks holllllly for everything.

Jodie said...

i love youuuuuuu

A Friend on the Farm said...

You are a great sister Holly for posting those wonderful things about your sister. You are all a lovely family!