Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday morning miscellany

Yes, more rugs. 

I thought I'd list what I hacked up to be put in this one.  Starting from the center-curtain from Goodwill, dusty rose- curtains from my mom, dark brown-a size medium shirt from my closet (I haven't been able to wear medium for a few years), blue-sheets and curtain, brown-my shirt, pinks-sheets, blue-curtains, tan-my too small pants, mom's curtains, the darker tan-a regretable fabric purchase (fake moleskin, wasn't the right color), mom's curtains, and regretable fabric purchase again.
This one has mostly fabric scraps, Goodwill sheets, Goodwill curtains, and some curtains from my sister.

I thought these big (Rocco's, of course) and small footprints in the snow were cute and funny.
The sun was shining in on this cabinet the other day while I had the door hanging open and I thought it was purty, so I snapped a pic.

Have a terrific Tuesday ya'll!


Sheila said...

i love the bright sunshine, i wish my camara was fixed because there have been so many 'moments' like that ive missed. i love the pics of the rugs, they look so bright.x

Rhonda said...

Gorgeous! I see Adrion and Remy on that shelf:-)

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Sunshine? What's that? We have cloudiness and flurries every day. Something with big footprints has been lingering around our yard at night. My dog tries to sniff out whatever it is each morning. Has Rocco been to NY lately?

Holly C. said...

We've had a few peaks of sun over the last week, but not much.

Ha-perhaps Rocco was in New York-he does like to sneak off every once in a while! Or maybe it was is a bear-Yikes!