Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Thrifting goodness

Monday, I needed to go to town to stop at the grocery store, bank, post office (to mail some packages-wink, wink) and of course, I had to stop at Goodwill.

I LOVE finding handmade pottery at Goodwill.   This sweet vase jumped right in my cart.  I paid full price for him too.  99 cents!  I tried my darndest to read the name etched in the bottom-ummmm-thanks, DAWNY(?)!

I thought Mz. Mushroom (she's a ceramic salt shaker) was the cutest thing, so I brought her home with me for the full price of 49 cents.

My good friend, Dawnie (not to be confused with Dawny), gave me the pottery bowl that I have my dish soap sitting in.  I believe she bought it at Goodwill too.  You know this bowl is dated 1978, but she doesn't look a day over 21!

Finally-the latest rug made from mostly goods from Monday's trip to Goodwill.  Waverly sheets (polyester) and Columbia sheets (polyester too) and off-brand sheets (poly/cotton) were all from Goodwill.  I added two tees from my  t-shirt stash and the center is a small piece of fabric from my dwindling fabric stashhhhhhhhhhh.

I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!


Rhonda said...

Oh man, what great finds! I am so jealous! I went to my goodwill yesterday and went through the aisles. There was not even a junky toy under .99!!!! Most of the dishes and pottery are all about 2.99 to 4.99!!! You are sure lucky to have a goodwill like that!

Holly C. said...

I know!

I've been reading this blog by a girl who used to live in Wisconsin (not sure where off hand)(she makes rag rugs to sell), but she went to this store all the time called The Dig and Save. (I think it's a St. Vinny store.) Anyhoo that's where she got a lot of her fabric for making rugs. Do you maybe have any thrift stores around that you maybe you don't know of.

Here her blog address (as if you have time, but just in case)

Rhonda said...

Cool-I'll check it out. I go to St. Vinny's too. I just was over on the side of town with the goodwill and thought I'd check it out. They don't have the same amount of stuff as St. Vinny's, so I really did not buy much there anyway - plus the prices! For thrift stuff, they sure do ask a lot.

Inoureyes said...

Hi Holly, nice to see you rubbing in those prices!!!
That mushroom is so cute.
Great Grandma and I are organising a family get together of the Family to do a sewing class and we are starting with your rag rug!
Its going to be sooo much fun.
Thanks for the inspiration!

Floss said...

That's a lovely little vase with the trees on - I was given a similar one with birds on it in a blog swap!

Holly C. said...

That's great, Melissa!

Yes, Floss-I thought the vase was so sweet!

Julie Smith said...

I love handmade pottery from Goodwill, too! Once again, you've found awesome things for a major bargain.:)

Dawnie said...

Great finds, Holly and if you stop at Dawnie's Goodwill Store (HEHE),she has loads of fabric for you!!! Seriously let me know when you are coming through and I will get them ready for you. Love your pottery and all of your latest, gorgeous rugs!!! You never cease to amaze me. I am Goodwill deprived. It has been a month. I know, I must be sick!!!

Van said...

LOVE that mushroom...and the cozy scene these photos evoke.

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Dwindling stash?....Are you really nearing the end? Thank goodness for Goodwill. Lovely pottery by the way.

Anonymous said...

Cool finds!

The mushroom isn't a salt shaker however. It's a scouring powder (like Comet) shaker. Sometimes you can get the frog to hold your scrubbie in the same pattern. :)

I am hearting your rugs!

Holly C. said...

Oh my goodness! I had no idea. I may have to fill that baby with comet. That's so clever. Thanks for the info. (I'm really glad I didn't put any salt in it.)