Sunday, January 9, 2011

Rag ball by Jess

My beautiful niece, Jess, stayed with me Friday night.  All we ever do when she stays is watch movies, surf the net, eat kettle corn, and nap (me).  But this time I was tearing fabric into strips and winding it into rag balls while watching said movies.  She was curious, and wanted to try her hand at it, so let her do it I did.  My mom had included mauve curtains in the huge bag of sheets she had given me.  So Jess helped me out and made me two very compact mauve rag balls.  ( So very compact-almost like a softball.  In fact, she threw one at me and it hit me in the back and man!-it hurt.)  Don't worry-I got her back (and I've got her back-always!).  I made her do a little photo shoot with one of her rag balls.  I was being really fussy about the way I wanted the rag ball held-I made her hold it up there so long her arm got tired.  HA!

I LOVE her!

Have a wonderful Sunday.


Dawnie said...

Oh, what a wonderful Friday night!!! I bet you girls had a blast! Maybe she will love rug making like her auntie! Glad you were able to spend some fun time together!!

Inoureyes said...

fancy reading about more rug making on this wonderful blog!!!!
Pop on over Holly....