Monday, January 17, 2011

And today.....a giveaway

Ohhhhh-I love this scrappy patchworky one!

I think it's very purty!

(Four new raggedy rugs from last week.)

Can you believe it?  I've been doing this blog thing for two years! 

So, I think I'll give something away-hmmmmmm, I wonder what will it be?  Ohhhh, I know-how about a rag rug made by me?

Just leave a comment on this post (one per person, please) and I will draw the winner's name from a hat on-let's say-sometime on Wednesday.  Got it?  Good!


Okay-onto some photos of my overgrown snow puppy, aka-Rocco!

"My name is Rocco, and I love snow even more than my owner."  

"Mmmmmmmmm-snow's good!  The world's just one giant snowcone right now."

"This is me in ACTION!"

"What are you lookin' at?!?!?  Snow is just frozen water, and aren't you suppose to have eight glasses (or something) a day?"

Have a wonderful day, everybody!
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Anonymous said...

Your blog is brill. I cant decide which is better the rugs or the dog. I cant wait to start my own one day. I just love them, I want one in every room. Now off to the charity shops for old sheets etc.

Keep blogging

Teresa uk

.: gardenmama :. said...

Ohhhhh I love the first photo of Rocco! lol : ) Too cute! I have never been this excited over entering a giveaway!! This is amazing, I would be absolutely thrilled to have one of your rugs living in my home! Thank you for the chance : )

Dawn S. said...

you are in a very "give away" mood lately, aren't you?! LOL That first rug is gaaawwwwjus!

Floss said...

I'd love to enter, but can you post to Europe? If not, please don't enter me - but I do love your rugs!

Holly C. said...

Yes-I can post to Europe!

Kim said...

Oh Holly by Golly! hehe...I love this colorful just like you! So proud of your blog!Love you sis.

Holly C. said...

Love you too, Kimmie!

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

I would LOVE to win one of your precious rugs! It would thrill me to no end. But if you wanted to send Rocco instead (should I be lucky enough to win), I wouldn't say no....He's too cute. Love that nose.

Jodie said...

well, i would comment but i know your gonna throw my name right out of that hat. so i am not there. and anyway....i am just a lucky girl anyway....cuz i have 3 of these rugs in my house already.....hmmmmm i really could use another one.....hollllllllyyyy and my bday isssss coming up. bahhahahhahhah

apricotsushi said...

I just stumbled upon your blog and love it! I hope if I won you could post it to Australia ;) If not don't enter me but I'm really enjoying catching up on all your interesting posts

Anonymous said...

I found your blog a couple months ago (saw the post about the plates in your flower bed- genius idea!) and have been a lurker ever since. :) Your creations are so beautiful, they have inspired me to try to learn to crochet this year. I was going to attempt to make my own rag rug one of these days, but having one made by you would be even better!

Thanks for sharing your talent with the blogosphere. Keep up the posts, please! :)

Krista G.

Anonymous said...

Hi Holly!!

Love your blog, your rugs, your dog, your decorating style, and all of your thrift store finds!! I found your blog a month or so ago and especially like how you are so "down to earth" and how much I can relate to you. I'm working my way through your past blogs - I always love to see what you're up to and check in a few times a week. Your rugs are absolutely beautiful, very country-cottagey!!! How nice of you to have a give-a-way!! Thanks so much for sharing parts of your life!!

From snowy Pennsylvania

Dawnie said...

Congratulations, Holly on 2 years of keeping me smiling!! Love your blog! Love all your newest creations and love that "puppy". He's adorable in the snow!

Rhonda said...

Wow-gorgeous rugs and pup in the snow. Don't enter me, just wanted to say, I love your blog. Also-I got the bathroom painted yesterday - now working on a plan for the cabinets. Dan wants to do more research - hee hee. Oh well. . . send you a pic when I get it done.

Inoureyes said...

Congrats on two years of blogging. Can you remember what you did with your time before blogging?
I would love to win one of your precious rugs!

Lisa at Lil Fish Studios said...

Those rugs are gorgeous! I saw the photo in a thumbnail on another blog and had to pop over and have a look.

The dog is pretty cute, too.

Holly C. said...

Lisa-I just popped over to your blogger profile really quickly (for now)and I see A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is one of your favorite books-mine too!

Anonymous said...

Hi Holly,

I stumbled upon your blog via your Handmade home project. I love checking in on you from time to time, thanks for the inspiration! Btw, you inspired me to check out my local goodwill and there were no sheets there, I'm so jealous of the great vintage sheets you've found at yours!

Courtney in CA