Thursday, December 2, 2010

Winter windowsill

The empty jars on my windowsill were starting to look mighty lonely.  I thought they could use some winter berries.  I remembered seeing some reddish-orange berries along our back road.  I thought about hopping in the car to see if I could find them-then I remembered it's hunting season and I didn't feel like getting shot at today.    So instead I ventured to the basement to find some fake berries I knew I had somewhere down there.

Tada-a winter windowsill!

I thought adding water to the jars made the berries look less fake.

I think it's pretty darn pretty!

PS-It's lightly snowing here and I'm loving it.  :)


Dawn S. said...

It looks lovely!

Rhonda said...

That looks very wintery!! Great idea - I love winter berries, even though I hate winter. It snowed here again today too.

Dawnie said...

Very pretty windowsill! Great idea! I loved the snow today too. It makes me so HAPPY!

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

You've created a lovely scene. I keep waiting for snow -- just a little dusting yesterday. Better be white by Christmas.