Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Snug as a bug in a rag rug

Yes-that's been me-snug as a bug.  In my little corner, watching episode after episode of Gilmore Girls while making rag rug after rag rug.  It's been  fun, but I'm soon done.  For right now, anyhow.  There are gifts to wrap!
I finally did some dishes last night after stacking them up, day after day.  I thought it was time.  When all you have left to use is baby and measuring spoons, it's time to do the dishes.

(The above rug is 100 percent stash fabric-no sheets.  I'm starting to run out of good colors of sheets, believe it or not.)

The above rug, I'm not quite sure if I like or not.  I may end up frogging it.

 Hubby's cousin is 22 years old and moving into her first 'real' apartment and on Facebook I told her I was giving her an apartment warming gift.  I asked her what her favorite colors were and she said pink and purple.  If I chicken out on giving her this one, I have another that has pink and purple in it that I can give her.

Here's my little Rocco caught on deer cam-somewhere where he shouldn't have been.  Ahem!

Thank you for all the lovely birthday comments!  I think I'll print the comments out to keep.  The post will show up in my blog book which I will get made at the beginning of 2011. 

Yesterday (my birthday) I received a phone call from my mom at 6:42am (I was up), which is the time I was born!  (I try to do that with my kid too.  5:35pm was the time she was born, in case you were wondering-no need to worry about getting her out of bed, hopefully!)  I also received a nice email from my dad.  I got many more birthday wishes from others in the form of phone calls, emails, texts, facebook messages, and of course bloggy comments.  Thank you again!

And I got to stay home while it was snowing and blowing outside.  It was a good birthday!


Dawn S. said...

Lovely rugs and I am glad you had a nice birthday! Happy Belated! And shame on Rocco! LOL

Kim said...

Love all the rugs...after looking at all of them in your posts...I'm trying to figure out which one I will get...hehe...as I'm sure I will...but if not, that's okay. Hey I finished my first wash cloth...it was alot smaller and looks pretty crappy...oh well, I'll still use it. It's so uneven. haha...oh well...atleat I finished it.

Holly C. said...

Good job, Kimmie! Once you have the concept it just takes a little practice and you will get better and better.

Well, Kim, I'm wondering if you were going to get one for Christmas, which one would you want???