Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday miscellany

Oh, has he grown. 

Rocco (left) and his brother, Jasper (on right, in-law's pup). 

Shhhhhhh-don't tell, but I think Rocco's prettier.

Oh, I LOVE this Santa cross stitch.  Goodwill.  Last year.  15 cents. 
He was a little dirty, so I tea stained him.  (In other words, I dabbed him with a  wet tea bag.)

I really love this too.  Goodwill.  A couple years ago.  15 cents. Solid wood.  Love.

I'm really sorry if you are sick of looking at my 'grace' picture, (goodwill-a buck fifty), but I wanted to show pretty much the rest of my wee bit o' decorations.  Boxes and tin-Goodwill.  Cheap.

Have a good night (or morning)!


Dawnie said...

Always love looking at your pretties!! I think Rocco is prettier too. But I have to say they look quite sweet sitting there together. Larry may have to get something bigger to haul them around if they keep growing!! Bought a crochet hook. Rag rug?

Inoureyes said...

Oh i love that you can remember what your bargains cost you, even though you bought them a year ago.
I will never get sick of looking at your "Grace" picture!

Rhonda said...

I did not know Rocco's brother was just over the hill! Nice that they can get together! Love your goodwill finds - so jealous :-). We got about 2-3" of snow last night and it is silently falling now - no wind and not really cold - so pretty! thought of you and Dawnie when I was on my morning walk.

Jessie said...

You didn't show Hoper's stocking?