Thursday, August 5, 2010

Silky eye pillow

Or in my case-Smoooooth and cool eye pillow. That's because I used percale sheeting-not silk. I had a silky (not silk-it was acetate) scarf that I was going to use for this project-but I just knew it would give me all kinds of trouble. Sooooo-I thought why not use my favorite-a percale sheet. They are so smooth and cool to the touch-I never want to sleep on any other!

Anyhow, this little pillow is two pieces of cotton muslin filled with rice and then sewn shut. (Amanda suggest adding some lavender or chamomile-but I didn't have any.) And then you make it a cover which is made using the envelope method, so it can be taken off and washed. I used a sheet from Goodwill. Isn't it unusual??? I've never seen that print before-but I really like it.

I think I'll store mine in the fridge door-just in case someone here doesn't feel well-it'll be nice and cool so we can soothe our eyes or forehead.

Two projects left!

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Rhonda said...

Very "cool" idea! Love the print too. That would be a really good thing for me to make - someone is always getting a bump or cut on their face that we use cool washcloths for! Excellent idea.