Saturday, June 19, 2010

Goodwill hunting and Pyrex in action

Again-Goodwill has been good to me this week.

I stopped in to take a peak almost every night when I was in town for Bible school. I was quite tickled with the 'antique' spools I found, as I love sewing notions. The nine of them were six dollars-more than I usually spend in there-but I didn't mind, I felt they were worth it. And the lovely green well used Pyrex dish was 99 cents. After much cleaning and dishpan hands, I think it's quite lovely in spite of the scratches.

I'm adding these photos to the Goodwill hunting group (as you might imagine, I have a lot of photos to add to this group) and the Pyrex in action group on Flickr (which I am really enjoying-by the way).


Rhonda said...

I've never seen spools like that. Great find! Your Pyrex is very nice too. I like the green color.

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

You scored! You're drawn like a magnet to these treasures.