Monday, May 31, 2010

Planting zinnia seeds

Today I went outside and worked on removing all the weeds growing in my zinnia bed. I had to do it in 10 minute increments. The heat was making me sick. I am pathetic in the heat!
I finished up this evening. I found 8 packs of zinnia seeds, so I sprinkled them on, tamped down the dirt, and gave them a sprinkle of water.
In six to eight weeks, I should have some of these beauties.

Can't wait:)


Inoureyes said...

They do look so pretty. What great work you did (come do my garden)
The only flowers i have in my garden are those from my herbs. Bit sad really. Will have to get onto that soon.
Oh i miss the heat!

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

I can so relate -- I hate sweating. Period. I garden either early or late in the day just to avoid the heat. I'm sure your zinnias will brighten your day when they sprout and bloom.

Jodie said...

i keep returning for a new post....perhaps senior softball pics......GOORRRR GEOUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS


Dawnie said...

I LOVE zinnias too! Last year, I bought several zinnia bouquets down at the Farmer's Market on Fridays. She had jars of them for a buck a piece. They made me SOOO Happy!