Sunday, May 30, 2010

Flickr favorites-photos from Flickr that make me smile!

1. Pot holders!, 2. Stack of Pearl's pot holders, 3. bathroom curtain, 4. dahlia, 5. jam drops, 6. colour-burst, 7. lemon slice, 8. starting simply, 9. Dining/Kitchen in the Barn, 10. draw!, 11. Spring!, 12. colour-burst, 13. how is a potholder this pretty?, 14. spool.happiness, 15. there's a lot going on here..., 16. spring signs :: flowers in & out, 17. All The Way From Taiwan, 18. fabric corner, 19. home, 20. home, 21. about food, 22. solstice night, 23. fresh corners, 24. untitled

And smiling's good!


Rhonda said...

Nice photos! I have a friend who made violet jelly and dandelion jelly too-it was very tasty.

Holly C. said...

I was trying to imagine how it would taste-but I know it's pretty, for sure!

Jodie said...

are some of those pics yours??? or not....niceeeeeeeeeee

ps....starting to work on hopers pics :)

Holly C. said...

No-none are mine-I wish. On Flickr you can click on a little star on others' photos and they are added to your 'favorites' on your account.