Monday, May 17, 2010

A bracelet, a tablecloth, and fake napkins

My daughter gave me this bracelet yesterday. She told me it was an early birthday present (very early-my birthday is in December). I was so pleasantly surprised! Can you guess what it's made from?
Yes-spoons or forks-I would guess. My child says-"When I saw this, I had to get it for you, because I know you love weird stuff." And she's right!
Now on to the tablecloth and fake napkins. (I call them fake-because we don't use napkins-just our shirt sleeves. Tehe!)

After I was done with the Broadturn bag, the leftover sheet/fabric was lying in a pile on the floor. I picked it up and looked at it and thought that because I like the yellow print so much-perhaps I could make a tablecloth with the leftovers. So I ripped the edges down to a square/rectangle, pressed and hemmed the edges, then tada!-a new tablecloth.
Then I picked up the scraps-folded them, stuck them in napkins rings and called them fake napkins.

~Can you tell I love repurposing?~


Rhonda said...

How nice of Hope to get you that! It is so pretty! I love the table cover too! Repurposing is the best! Good job.

Jodie said...

omggggg that gift is go ask her where mine is??? i'm serious?????? i love it. i love it....i love it even more that she bought it for YOU........that makes things soooooo special....when they think of someone.....(other than themself....oopssss did i say that) it.....good job repurposing.....why am i not surprised tho.

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

I feel so much better now, just knowing your poor sleeves are going to get a break! And so pretty too.

Farmgirl Susan said...

What a sweet bracelet! Repurposing is the best. I love your salt and pepper shakers, too. :)

Holly C. said...

Susan-my husband's grandmother game me those salt and pepper shakers a long, long time ago. I love them too!