Saturday, February 13, 2010

You must have been a beautiful baby

...cause baby take a look at you now!!!
Today is my sister Jodie's birthday. I love this photo!
Jodie and her lovely family!

Happy birthday beautiful mother, wife, sister, daughter, and photographer extraordinaire!

Love you unconditionally (hehe!) forever and ever amen!


Today is my hubby's birthday too. Love him unconditionally too! (hehe!) Today, he's halfway to 90!


Jodie said...

ohhhhh thats so cute.....i mean....i am so cute....pregnant...oh the days.....which leads me to tell you i had a dream i was pregnant and had another baby boy last night. darn, he was sweet. must have been because i saw a 7 week old one last night at joes. ohhhh i love babies...and birthdays btw.....thanks for loving me sister.

Dawnie said...

WOW! This should be a holiday in your family. Of course, it kind of is with President's Day Monday. Happy Birthday Jodie and Larry!!!

Dawnie said...

Oh and Valentine's Day tomorrow. How could I have forgotten that?????

Rhonda said...

Wow-busy birthday week! Jodie, you are cute - now and then. Hope you have a great day. Hope Larry has a good birthday now that he's so old. he he

Kim said...

Happy Birthday sis!

Kim said...

That cookie from Dawnie looks yummy!

Holly C. said...