Thursday, February 4, 2010

One word banner and fiber garland

I'm working on a couple more projects from Handmade Home.

Last evening, I started and completed the one word banner-but in my case-it's the no word banner. I wanted to use some of my lovely vintage sheets (also known as reclaimed bed linens). Also, I used the pennant shape instead of the square. Wouldn't one of these be cute to hang for a party or anytime, really?


This morning I started and finished the fiber garland inspired by Handmade Home, of course, and this. This garland started out as a thrifted 29 cent cashmere sweater (which is goat fur-I guess). I washed it in hot water and dried it in the dryer to get it to shrink up. Then I cut out hearts like we did in elementary school (remember how to do that?). I ran them through the sewing machine and there you go-a red heart fiber garland-just in time for Valentine's Day.

It's right around the corner, you know!


kb said...

Oh so cute!

Dawnie said...

Love your scarf and the banner is cool. I can't believe you made it already. Those vintage sheet pennants look so cute strung across your bedroom. Now you and Larry can have a party every night (HEHE). Love the heart garland too. What you can't make with 29 cents. Very cool!!!!

Sharon said...

Amazing - I am jealous of all the good ideas. How creative!

Holly C. said...

Unfortunately-I can't take credit for the ideas, Sharon. They're in the book, Handmade Home-I'm trying to make each of the 33 projects in the book-as a challenge to myself. I think I still have 22 to go. Yikes! I better get to more making.

Holly C. said...

Oh, Dawnie-Larry sleeps downstairs with our old doggie, remember?

Rhonda said...

Oh those are both lovely! You are so talented. Who would think to use a sweater like that??? And the sheets!