Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I love...embroidery

At the suggestion of my sister, I am going to show some things I 'love' here and there in the month of February-since it is the month of 'love', after all.

I love God, my family and friends, above all else. But this is stuff I 'love'. (A different kind of 'love' really-but you know what I mean!)

I 'love' embroidery. I 'love' doing it and seeing it.

I bought this at the op shop. (Op shop=Goodwill!) It was unembroidered (is that a word?). I completed it with variegated embroidery floss.

This came from the op shop too. The bottom was tatted already. (I'm glad because I'm not sure how to do tatting.) The embroidery is yet to be completed. (At least I think it's supposed to be embroidered. I think it doesn't look bad like this, actually.) Notice it's the same pattern as the one above it.

This was (I say was because the stamp washes out) a stamped pillow case I bought at Walmart. I bought a bunch of these, because I really 'loved' the pattern. It's called tall flowers.

Oh-I 'love' this. Larry's grandma gave me a pair of these oh so many, many years ago. Unembroidered. Glad I never got rid of them. (And the cotton lace I sewed on the edge was upcycled from my old curtains.)

She also gave me a pair of these. I think I was appalled at the green lace back then. I 'love' it now. It was unembroidered too.

Here's an embroidered piece that I rescued from the op shop. It was in a broken frame and there were a few stains around the edges. So I spray painted a hoop and framed it, cut off the stained edges and voilá-a beautiful work of art.

If you 'love' something-please do not bury it in the closet. Get it out and display it or use it or give it to someone who will! That's an order!☺

Now I think I will go switch out the pillowcases on my bed. All six of them.

Have a great day!


Dawnie said...

Love your "Love" stuff and was blessed by a pair of tall flower pillowcases you embroidered for me. They were on my bed until the last time I washed them and my pillows were totally unsightly so as soon as I get new pillows I will put them back on. Love embroidery and used to actually have patience to do it. Now I am not as patient.

Holly C. said...


I love all your embroidered textiles and I love that you have them displayed!☺