Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Family Heart & Millie's Hot Pad

This morning I worked on two items from Handmade Home.

First up-the family heart. This little stuffed heart has a pocket, so love notes can be tucked in. The point being-when a family member is leaving home-this can be taken with them as a token of love and comfort.

I think this is a great idea if you have small children and they are leary about staying away from home.

I used a cutter quilt and a piece of a wool sweater for this project.
Next up-Millie's hot pad.

Amanda Soule (author of this book-Handmade Home-in which I am challenging myself to make all 33 projects) recreated one of her grandmother's (Millie's) hot pads.

This was fairly easy to make. The red fabric is a linen/cotton blend cut from a thrifted skirt and the black is a scrap left from a thrifted dress.

This little hot pad is darn cute!

14 projects down, 19 projects to go. I better get a move on!!!


Sharon said...

I have the book also Holly - but am in no way ready to that type of challenge. Someday soon I hope. Love them both.

Holly C. said...

Cool-you'll have to let me know what you make!

Dawnie said...

Love the heart and the potholder. They are both so pretty!! I need to start looking at the 29 cent rack for skirts and shirts to rip apart and use. I don't think of doing that because I am always looking at sheets. I have a sheet fettish. I get so excited to find vintage linens. I think it's a sickness.

Holly C. said...

Me too, Dawnie, me too!

Mandy said...

i love your challenge! i got her book from the library and made the family heart for my in laws for Christmas and put pics of the grandkids in the pocket...i love every project in that book, so very Doable, but all of them? that's a challenge indeed, can't wait to see your projects!

Holly C. said...

I love the idea of putting photos in the pocket!