Tuesday, February 16, 2010

30 Days of Beauty-8

What the heck-I'll do two 30 Days of Beauty in one day!

Since fruit is the subject of so many paintings and fabrics and crafts, I know I'm not alone in thinking it can be beautiful. Maybe I should arrange my fruit like this more often-perhaps I'd eat more that way.☺

The painting/print I bought quite a while ago (well-within the last year) at Goodwill. The strawberries in the embroidery hoop was a recent purchase. It looks to me like it is punchneedle embroidery, which I've heard is quite difficult to do. I removed the red lace from around it and washed it by hand-then it looked much better. I just couldn't chance someone's hard work going to the dumpster, so that's why I had to bring it home from Goodwill too.


Anonymous said...

U truly r fruity !!!

Holly C. said...


Dawnie said...

Very pretty. Anytime I seem something with strawberries or cherries, it reminds of you because you love the color red and fruit..

Rhonda said...

How pretty! The fruit does look delicious! I would never get a painting like that, but when I see yours, I really like it! You have a gift of seeing "bad" things and turning them around for "good".