Sunday, January 31, 2010

Homemade ice cream

Last evening we had a little birthday celebration for my mom at my sister Jodie's house. It was just 'us'. As always, we cackled and carried on, nearly making mom's beverage come out her nose-several times!

We had quite the little spread-pizza, wings, homemade ice cream with homemade fudge sauce and strawberries, angelfood cake, and little cheesecakes. Thanks Jodie for hosting and doing all that work!

Here's the recipe for homemade ice cream that our family has used since I was little (and that's a long time!). It's easy and yummy.

Homemade Ice Cream

2 regular sized boxes of instant vanilla pudding
2 cups sugar (this could be cut down if you desired, I think-it's plenty sweet)
2 Tablespoons vanilla
2 cans evaporated milk
half gallon of whole milk

We used a 4 quart ice cream freezer.

Mix all together-pour in ice cream freezer container, do your thang with ice and rock salt and in about 30 minutes or so-enjoy your homemade ice cream!!! You're welcome.☺

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Girls night in

My other little girl (my niece, Jessica) stayed with me last night. Last night, we watched movies and ate little cheesecakes. This morning we're watching movies and eating nanner muffins. Do you see a pattern here?

I just had to take a photo of her blankie (or what's left of it). I took a photo of it by itself and quite frankly it looked really bad-so I had her hold it, and now it looks better. I love her little hands anyhow! And she's covered up with a Martha Stewart comforter that I had on my bed for years and years-she always loved it so I gave it to her when I was done with it-years ago. Now it's the only thing she uses to cover up with at night and she dragged it over here with her last night.

What can I say?-the girl loves me for some reason and I love her. She's a gem I tell ya-a gem!☺

Friday, January 29, 2010

Footprints in the snow

It's hard to believe these little creatures can survive in frigid temperatures. It was 1 degree fahrenheit this mornin'!


Today is my mom's birthday

Oh, what a cutie she was(is)! And even though she is 'computer free' (silly lady!), I will wish her a happy birthday here.

Happy birthday Mommy! We love you.♥

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Way back Wednesday-4

It's Wednesday already! Time for way back Wednesday.

Today's video is of my husband helping my daughter ride Brandy, my in-law's rottie.

Warning-he says a bad word here. Little did I know back then that my baby girl would grow up to be a lot like Daddy!☺

It's in the mail

Well, not yet-but soon.

I'm getting ready to mail Melissa (who lives in Australia!) her package. She won my little giveaway. I didn't end up making anything new (sorry!). I just gathered up things I had made already and wrapped them up in thrifted materials-like wallpaper, pattern paper, seam binding. (I love wrapping this way.) I'll box them up and take them to the post office tomorrow.

Hopefully Melissa's gift will arrive safe and sound to the other side of the earth within a week or two!☺

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I've noticed I have a lot of 'stacks' around my home. Some not so lovely-like dirty dishes, laundry, paperwork, clutter, dog hair, and dead bugs.☻ Not photographing those ones.

But some ARE lovely-I took a photo of some of the lovely ones!
Stack o' blankets.
Stack o' books-haven't read half of them! (Well-the top two I have-many times over.)
Stack o' journals-I don't use them, I just 'stack' them up and look at them.
Stack o' ribbons.
Stack o' material.

Now excuse me while I go and clean up stacks o' dishes, laundry, paperwork, clutter, dog hair, and dead bugs.

P.S.-I used my daughter's camera today. Shhhhhhh-don't tell!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Around the farm

I went up to my husband's parent's farm the other day and snapped some photos. Also, I found some of the farm on my daughter's camera from this past summer. So these are some photos from last summer and just the other day.

::the summer barn

::porta potty-doesn't everyone have a porta potty outside?

::wild bachelor's button???

::the winter barn

::some kind of rake??? I love the colors


::tractor and the farm

::gas tank-love the colors

::Mr. Ram-sticking his head out from his pad-a truck bed and cap. Genius idea, hubby! Really-I love it.

::ducks (guck was one of my daughter's first words) and Mr. Goose's tail end (he must be about 20 years old-who knew geese lived that long?)

::Spencer-parrot extraordinaire! (he says bad words!)

::kitty cat-from last summer


I may make my mother-in law-and my brother-in-law a photo book because I really never know what to get them. How could you not like to have a book of photos of your farm???

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Happy birthday Liam!

Happy birthday to the only 11 year old (that I know of) that reads this blog!

Jessie-your baby is growing up.☺

Saturday, January 23, 2010


I'm sorry, but this is an awesome photo! Taken by Jodie.☺

Can you tell I'm getting all sentimental and verklempt about my one and only child turning 18 next month?

Church really brings on the tears for some reason. I just try to hold my eyes open so they dry before they spill over. (I can't be waving my hands in front of my eyes in church!)

And songs that really don't have anything to do with children-like She-by Elvis Costello (it's at the beginning of Notting Hill-love that movie!)-brings on the waterworks!

Okay-I'm done rambling. Make me feel better-tell me I'm not the only one who does this stuff!

***You can hear 'She' here.***

Friday, January 22, 2010

She wore a dress with cherries on it

Sweet baby girl-circa 1993.

Every time I see this photo-I think of the Sara Evans song-Backseat of a Greyhound Bus.

Yes-even though the song is about a young woman who gives birth on the backseat of a Greyhound bus-this photo makes me think of this song. The first line is-she wore a dress with cherries on it. Yes-even though it's a shirt-not a dress that my one year old is wearing-this photo reminds me of this song.

Sorry Rhonda-it's country!☺

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Maddie's rag rug

My rag rug came together much more easily and quickly than I thought it would.

It's very rustic-but I love rustic, so it's all good.

I am pioneer woman!☺

Today, the sun is shining

I can't resist taking pictures when the sun is shining.
Looks almost good enough to eat!
A new ornament my mommy gave me.☺
Our old pup.
A thrifting find.
Another thrifting find from you know where!

I'm working on my rag rug today. Hopefully, I'll finish it.

Have a bright, bright sunshiny day!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Way back Wednesday-3

Time stands still for no man (or woman)!

Like these frames? Got 'em at Goodwill cheap and gave 'em a little tlc!

Like this wallpaper? I did for the first twenty years-not so much anymore. This wallpaper is older than my kid! Don't worry-I'm on a wallpaper search. Do worry-what is catching my eye is large red strawberries (they have pink too!) on a white background. What is wrong with me? Don't answer that.

Have a lovely day!☺

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Well, alrighty then...

This is suppose to be a rag rug-not a rag basket!

Looks like I've got some fixin' to do when I get back home today.☻

Monday, January 18, 2010

Rug ball

This part was pretty easy. I cheated a lot. I think the hard part will be stitching it together. I'm half tempted to get out the hot glue gun.

But I won't, I'll be a good girl.☺

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sour cream apple pie

I got the recipe from Alicia.

It's good. Very good.

I've been doing this little blog for a year now...

...and it's been fun!

Sooooo-I'd like to have a little give away but....I don't know what to give away yet! So, leave a comment to be entered in a drawing for a "care package". It'll be good-I promise! I will randomly choose a winner the evening of the 18th (Monday).

This is fun!


Did I mention this has been fun?☺
And the winner is-Melissa!
I already have your address-but what about your last name? Give me a week or two to make something and then I will ship it off to Australia!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

The 58 cent rag rug

This is the beginning of a braided rag rug. I'm loosely following the directions in Handmade Home.

I am using a red calico tablecloth(?) and a light blue sheet-both of which I bought from the 29 cent rack at Goodwill. (Housewares are 15 cents and textiles are 29 cents, after about a month of not selling.)

I love the idea of making something out of nothing!

Wish me luck! I'm sure I'll need it.☺

Friday, January 15, 2010

Help Haiti

I just put a Help Haiti button on my sidebar, so it would be easy for anyone who feels led to, to donate to Compassion International for the earthquake victims.

I haven't donated yet, but I'm going to. We sponser a little boy from Africa through Compassion International and I know they are a reputable organization.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Way Back Wednesday-2

It was feeding time at the zoo! On the menu-rice cereal and thumb.☺

Sweeter than a five pound bag of sugar, I'd say.

This really made me smile (I'm partial though) and I hope it does you too!

P.S.-My mom always yelled at me for giving my daughter too big bites. Poor kid.

I love you Pyrex, Glassbake, Fire King, and more!

All came from Goodwill. Most from the 15 cent shelf. I buy cheap and dirty-then I bring them home and give them a good scrub-a-dub-dub, therefore giving them a new life, saving these beauties from the dumpster. (Which is where the wares go when they don't sell off the 15 cent shelf.)

Pictures of the Glassbake casserole and the Fire King ramekin are for Jodi-at The Jolly Bee. We seem to have a lot in common-including our dinnerware!

Monday, January 11, 2010

It's January 11, 2010

Anyone else have a calendar in the bathroom? I'm running out of wall space everywhere else-so in the bathroom it went.

You never know where you might want to know what date it is!☺

Tip of the day-Save your dull sewing machine needles and use them for hanging stuff. They're sturdy and don't do as much damage as nails. This tip of the day brought to you by my neighbor-Ethel!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Capturing the little things

I really love this idea from Emily Falconbridge. When she's in a bad mood or stressed, she'll go around her home and snap photos of the little things that make her happy. Click on that link and have a look.
I wasn't really in a bad mood or stressed (maybe a little) this morning, but when I was talking on the phone with my sister-the sun was shining in so prettily. So I grabbed my camera and started snapping. (I'm not a good multi-tasker, but I can talk and snap pics at the same time. I even paid attention to Jodie!)
Emily is a 'famous' scrapbooker from Australia, if you didn't know. She writes articles for Today's Mama. Here's an article she wrote about 'capturing the little things'. She'll take her photos of the 'little things' and make little scrapbooks. Check out the link to see.
You may want to check out all her articles-I love all her ideas so much.
So swipe that dust away (or don't) (if you have any-I know I do!).
And capture the little things. You might be glad you did.
Have a lovely day!☺

Saturday, January 9, 2010

My new sponge...

... made me want to wash dishes and shine up my sink. Colorful, stripey sponges-exciting stuff!!!!!!!

Yes-it's the little things that keep me going.

What keeps you going?☺

Meg's art tray

It's been ages since I did anything for the Handmade Home Project. (That's a little project where I am going to try to make all the projects in Amanda Soule's lovely book-Handmade Home.) I did make Meg's art tray a long time ago-I just never shared, cause-well, I really didn't feel like I did a good job on it. But it has actually grown on me, and this morning I sanded the edges of my red spray painted tray and I think that makes it look even better.

You're supposed to take your child's artwork (or artwork from old books) and decoupage it to a tray and then you can use that tray for art supplies and so on.

So-I found a couple things I had saved from my child in her younger years. I found a piece of paper with a heart that said I love you Dad and Mom. (She hasn't said I love you in years and years and years. Sad-I know. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!) And I had found a placemat from Eat-n-Park (where we apparently stopped after a day at Idlewild-a young kid friendly amusement park). Also-I found some doodles from my niece, Jessica, and added them to my tray too.

First of all-I found an unattractive tray at Goodwill and brought it home and spray painted it red. I made copies (in case I screwed it up) of the 'artwork', and then cut out the parts I wanted. I watered down some good old fashioned Elmer's glue and with a foam brush adhered the artwork to the tray. Then I went over the whole tray with the watered down glue several times. Then voilá! Meg's art tray.

I have some wrinkles in the paper-but does that really matter? I think not.☺

Here's what the placemat says:
All Kinds Of Feelings

I felt happy when I whet to Idlewild
I felt sad when we didn't get a prize
I felt angry when (we didn't get a prize)
I felt proud when I rode all the big ride

I may not use this tray much-but it has sentimental value and can be displayed and is easier to find than a sheet of paper!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

My birds can eat...

and I can do dishes now-thanks to and (And the UPS man-who had to walk up our hill. Bet he was happy.☺)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Way back Wednesday

Transferring some video to digital using some good old fashioned ingenuity. I must get a dvr (or something) to do this properly, but for now this is what I came up with.

My precious baby a little over two weeks old. We were visiting at my husband's grandma's house, as we did every Sunday. Poppy Crawford was taking this video. Wish he was still here;(

Sat my camera in front of the tv on top of my homemade tripod and hit record. Ta da!

The best part of waking up...

...three tea bags in my cup!

(That wimpy cup is for my kid.☺)

Monday, January 4, 2010

Dukey and me

We have a dog. He is a rottweiler. His name is Duke. He's getting quite old. 13 years old he is! His back legs just don't work like they used to. Every morning when hubby is working-it's my job to get him out to do his business.
Hubby built him a ramp to our deck-a year or two back. Just look at that ice at the bottom. This morning he fell twice and I fell once. I set him back on his feet twice and myself once. Neither one of us suffered broken bones-at least I don't think we did.

Oh silly doggie-why are you at the basement door? You know you can't do steps anymore! Now go get to your ramp!

Oh will you hurry up and quit taking pictures, Mommy? I need a little boost to get up this ramp. (Or as my husband says-Dukey just needs some moral support.)

Mmmmm-snow tastes good!☺

Dang-it's hard getting old-but we've all got to do it!

Advice for the day-Don't you eat that yellow snow!