Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Easy peasy sewin'

I cleaned up my HUGE mess of material, scraps, pins everywhere down in the basement-over the last couple of days. Now I actually feel like going down there.
When Dawnie and I visited a fabulous, little quilt shop a few weeks ago-I picked up a charm pack of Mary Engelbreit Christmas fabric. (A charm pack is a bunch of coordinated fabric already cut into squares-I think.) So this morning I whipped up a simple runner. It was easy and fun. I just laid the squares on my cutting table (aka-freezer) in the order I wanted them. I stacked the squares, brought them over to my machine and sewed them together, then sewed the rows themselves together. Make sense? Probably not. Anyhoo-I'm not finishing this off-I just pressed it and voilá-a runner. Good enough for me.
Now, I just have to muster up the energy to get out my Christmas decor.

Nope-don't have it out yet.

But I will-soon.

I hope.

Have a great day! I'm gonna try.☺


Dawnie said...

Isn't it funny that when a room gets messy, you just totally end up avoiding it. Then once you clean it, you can't wait to spend time there. Glad you got your sewing room whipped into shape. You probably had so much going on there because I kept asking you to do projects for me. Anyway it looks beautiful and now the inspirations can FLY!! Love your runner!!!

Inoureyes said...

ahh but how do you get all the little squares perfectly lined up???

Holly C. said...

Actually they are not ALL lined up, but most are. When you have your strips right sides together to sew, butt the seams together-one seam going one way, the other seam going the opposite way. Sometimes-when I haven't cut the squares exactly evenly-I have to fudge it a little and I get a little pucker in whatever it is I'm sewing-but I'd rather have that than not have my seams match up. If all else fails-tie it off in the corners and cover up the uneven seams.

It's hard for me to explain. And since you are from Australia-you probably don't know what the heck I'm talking about!☺ Sorry.

Inoureyes said...

Understood! Us Australians dont understand canning pumpkin..... and im sure there is many other things. But we understand quilting.
I just couldnt be bothered being so thorough with it that why mine dont match up!