Sunday, October 18, 2009

Trip down Halloween Memory Lane


Anonymous said...

Oh Holly the memories! I thought the year she wore the clown outfit it snowed because larry had to back up to our door at Cleo's. Scott was working , but maybe that was the year she was a Power Ranger it looks a little more like snow in that picture. Did she only go trick or treating those 2 years? Liam hasn't gone very many. He was never really into it and neither was I. I hated the starting, stopping and traveling forever and a day or 2 nights because one part of our family lived in one area and the others somewhere else and everyone wanted to see him.

Holly C. said...

No, Jessie she went practically every year-stayed tuned for part 2, 3, 4 and whatever. I'm in the process of hunting down the photos.

I'm sorry to say I never really like halloweening either. The same reason you just said about. And crabby kids. And tired parents. I really wish I could go back and relax and enjoy things (like halloweening more). I was so uptight.

I guess that's why I'm tracking down these pics-so I can enjoy it now! And guess what-I am!

Dawnie said...

Oh,,Hope is so sweet in these!! My boys LOVE trick or treating. It's much nicer now that they just do Penn Street and they seem to enjoy it much more too. I hated driving them everywhere too. But Hope is just adorable in these. See, wasn't it all worth it?

Holly C. said...

I think it's the car seats and driving that ruin it. Glad your boys have fun-as they should!

Oh yes-it was all worth it!☺