Saturday, October 31, 2009

A pillow from repurposed materials

My sister, Kim, had given me her old curtains (which I had made for her a couple years ago), a sheet, and a pillow sham and asked me to stitch up 2 valances and a plastic bag holder. Then yesterday-she asked if I had any red material left and if I did, could make her a small pillow.

Why, yes I did have material left and yes, I will make you a small pillow, Kimmie!

I had a Christmas pillow that I must have gotten at Goodwill really cheapo and it was in like-new condition-so I used it. (On a side note-The pillow says Noel-so therefore I started humming The First Noel. I hum constantly now-and I never did before. I'm thinking humming must come with age. Dawnie told me she hums too-so I guess I'm not the only one.)

Anyhow-I used the Goodwill pillow and took the red fabric (previously curtains) and made a case, folded the end in and stitched some darts to close it-then tada-a new pillow. Then I made some more frayed rosettes to embellished it. I made them from scraps from my stash and a scrap from Kim's sheet.

Repurposing-I love it!♥


Jodie said...

repurposing.....i love it too. you are much better at it than me though. humming.....never do it.....the only time i hummed a lot is when i was pregnant and sick constantly....member those days(i will always remember you rubbing my back for me too, when i was soooooo sooo very sick.)i would hum to try to take my mind off of throwing worked sometimes....and then sometimes it didnt. not like to do it...reminds me of being very sick. besides, im not as old as

Jodie said...

love the pillow too. and the purdy little flowers

Dawnie said...

Maybe we're sick and don't know it, Holly, since we hum all the time. HA. Hopefully we are not pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the pillow. Kim will be very, very happy with all the pretty things you have made for her. What would we do without you??????

kb said...

I agree...what would we do...thanks. I love it.

Holly C. said...

Jodie-you're welcome for rubbing your back.

Dawnie and Kimmie-awwwwww shucks!

Rhonda said...

I love it! Oh I wish I was as talented and as ambitious as you! I need some new smaller pillows in my LR. I have some material I could repurpose. I need to get around to doing this. you inspire me!

Holly C. said...

Oh you are more talented than I-believe me-and you are one of the most ambitious people I know!

Thank you, though.☺