Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Invasion of the Asian beetles!

Oh yes-today is the day-the day the "Asian beetles" invade homes in my neck of the woods.

Normally, I call these bugs "ladybugs" but my mom always corrects me because they are officially "Asian beetles". They are larger and orange, with or without spots-as opposed to the prettier petite, red with black spots ladybug.

It seems like every year on a warm October day-they swarm in by the hundreds. And become pains in the butt. They get in your food, your drinks, your hair, your mouth. The little buggers will crawl up the leg of your pants and bite you every once in a while.

Oh and they omit this not so lovely odor when they are disturbed too much. Soon I'll be smelling that lovely smell every time I start my vacuum cleaner. Yeehaw!

Oh Asian beetle-just like the stink(y) bug-I love to hate you. I also wonder why on God's green earth He put you here-but I know it's for a reason. I know it could be worse.

Now excuse me-I must go rev up my vacuum!☻


Rhonda said...

Ah, yes, they are in this neck of the woods too - came yesterday by the thousands! Where do they come from??? All of a sudden they are just everywhere! I've emptied my vac 2x's already!

Holly C. said...

I bet you got a wiff of their lovely smell when you emptied it!

Dawnie said...

I hate them too!! I hate their smell and everything about them!!!

Anonymous said...

I hate, hate, hate, hate, etc. them. I just told Jodie today i din't have any this year only to come home and find them allover and inside my house. Better sleep with your mouth closed. The wasps are out too i got stung on the cheek(face) at 1:37AM to be exact Monday morning while I was sleeping. It was sitting on my pillow, now my face is swollen up.\

Holly C. said...

I thought of you, Jessie, when I was getting this ready. I know you always have tons of the dirty little buggers!

Holly C. said...

Oh and hope your bee sting is getting better. Did you have to work today?