Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A gratitude wrap for me

Imade myself a gratitude wrap from my stash of "vintage" sheets and a piece of muslin. When it comes right down to it-I love these prints as well as any material.

On our sewing day on Saturday-Dawnie and I decided to do the binding using the French fold method. It involves some hand sewing-but we don't mind. You got your hand sewing done yet, Dawnie?

I really love this little gratitude wrap-even if I never really use it-I'll enjoy just looking at it.


Jodie said...

what ya got in that wrap....looks good. i love it. i like looking at it too.....i am grateful for you. i know you are grateful for me....there, now you dont have to say it....cuz i know you would. hee hee.

Holly C. said...

You're silly!

Yes-I'm grateful for you too! I wrote it anyhow.

Dawnie said...

How cute!! And no, I did not get my hand sewing done. I started to but my hands were so cracked, I started bleeding on it so that might be mine to keep. I have to wait until I get my hands healed. Thanks for coming today. Everything is perfect or was perfect until we walked through the door. HA.

Holly C. said...

Oh-I didn't know your hands were cracked. Tell Adam to do dishes so your hands can heal and you can do your sewing!

Rhonda said...

Dawnie, try Gold Bond lotions. They work really well. I hope your hands get better.
Holly, those wraps are adorable. I love the vintage sheets.