Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Another towel rug

This one's for Jessie. She got a wild hare and decided to paint her bathroom. I told her I'd make her a towel rug, since she liked mine.

Her's is much bigger than mine, and I washed her's after I made it. Wow-the rough edges of towel strips really frayed.

It's pretty wonky and has some fraying, but I do like it.

Hope you like it, Jessie!☺ If you don't, I'll understand.☻

***Attention all NieNie fans-she'll be on Oprah on Wednesday!***


Dawnie said...

Thanks for the NieNie note. I hope I can remember to watch it. Love the towel!!! I know she will love it!!!

Dawnie said...

I meant towel rug. Okay, did I just have a baby? HA>

Dawnie said...

Hey, where do you get all of those cute duckies that match all your cool projects?

Inoureyes said...

Frayed and handmade belong together. And wonky too! Lucky Jessie

Holly C. said...

Dawnie-I think I got them at the store I love to hate-Walmart. Around Easter time-they have tons

Melissa-I agree!☺

Anonymous said...

Holly I like my towel rug. Sorry I din't comment sooner, but I put the second coat on my bathroom and ended up with what I would classify as a migraine(felt like I could throw up) and went to bed at 8:45. I am thinking of painting my closet doors brown, because I think there will be too much blue and I need to break it up. That was Liam's suggestion. What do you think? I am not painting my living room I decided that last night I will pay someone to do it before I even go that direction again.

Holly C. said...

Ewww-migraines aren't good! Stress + fumes=migraine. Hope you are all better.

Yes-I think painting the closet doors is a good idea.