Monday, October 5, 2009

Ahhhhh-the rainbow cake!

We saw this beauty on Mckmama's blog. And my sister took on the grand task of making it for Jess's birthday. With one. round. pan. Yeah-It took about 5 hours. But it was worth it-just look at this beaut! It was so much fun to eat! It was delicious too!

I have to admit-I was probably the most excited about this.

Thanks, Jodie, for making this fun cake for me Jess!

Here's the baker (Jodie) and the decorator and birthday girl (Jess)!


Check out my new trick !
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Anonymous said...

Once again I love the color coordinated writing Holly and Jodie did a great job with the cake. Better her than me.

Rhonda said...

Ah, I saw this on her blog too - wonderful job, Jodie! next time, buy a couple more pans :-) I thought about making this cake for Noah's 2nd birthday (get it-Noah's ark-rainbow??) Belated birthday wishes to Jess.

Holly-I had to comment box in the last post - run, deer, run. I feel badly too, but I live with 3 hunters, so I have to put up with it.

kb said...

Delish it was...hey, if you can, save my left over teal fabric for another project i may be doing. also, you can use the red curtain for patched if you want. Thanks! You're the best.

Holly C. said...


Yes-you must make this for Noah! It's perfect for his name. And it will brighten up the January day.☺


Yes-I'll save your left over teal!


Jodie said...

gorgeous post holly......even the picture of me and my girl. love her. loved the know, it was sooooo pretty, i really would make it again.....with more pans of course.

Inoureyes said...

How can a cake get me so excited?!
I love it and it is definatly going to be our next birthday cake to make and im sure it will be there for many birthdays to come. Love your new trick!

Holly C. said...

I got so excited too about this cake. Must be all those yummy colors!

You'll have to try the trick sometime! It's easy.