Saturday, October 31, 2009

2010 Calendar Cuteness

This is 2010 calendar, not 2009-so don't get confused.
I bought the pdf for this cute little calendar from SparklePower's etsy shop. They took copies of vintage floral fabric and designed this calendar. I love it, I'm sure, because I'm obsessed with the vintage sheets. And I can print it as many times as I want. I printed these on cardstock and cut them out using my rotary cutter and clear ruler. (That must be why my blade is dull!) Then I clipped the corners with my corner cutter (duh-what else would I use?). Finally I punched holes in the top. It did kind of take a while. But still, I might give one of these along with some Christmas gifts.

Ahem-and if you receive one and don't really like it-just humor me, kay?

Why I'm messing with this when I have dirty dishes stacked half way to the ceiling-I'll never know.

Tonight we turn the clocks back. An extra hour of sleep-YAY!☺


kb said...

I like and wouldn't mind as a gift.

Holly C. said...


Anonymous said...

Very cute Holly! I would like to know where and how do you find all of this cool stuff. I need some hints.

Holly C. said...

I read the blog Sparklepower and she tell about stuff in her etsy shop. Sparkle power's on my side bar.

Hey Jessie-Did you know Rhonda started a blog-it's Snap Happy on my side bar.


PS-I got 2 Halloweeners this year-Sammie and Luke.☺

Holly C. said...

oh my toooo cute.....i may have to make some for gifts too.

Holly C. said... are logged on to this computer.....hmmmmmm how did that happen....i thought you were cleaning all day friday, not visiting my

fyi...the other comments i made yesterday are from daves laptop.

Holly C. said...

Hi-Holly here. I was at my sister's house on Friday and I logged onto my google account on her computer-so she is now commenting under my name. hehe☺

Rhonda said...

Okay, I was confused there - I love these. Those patterns just make ya happy!

Dawnie said...

Very cute!!!!!!