Thursday, April 2, 2009


Have you seen these Premium Minis? My neighbor introduced me to these little miniature saltines. Cute little crackers! I'm thinking they must have more fat than regular saltines, cause they taste not quite as "dry". Better tasting than the normal everyday saltine. Unless it's just my imagination and I just think they taste better cause they are so cute! Go buy yourself a box today!

(This is not a paid endorsement.


Jodie said...

omg...did you have a friend over for soup???? how do those belong to. you and your friend? i wasnt invited. i am sad. but i still love you....about to go on an 8 mile bike ride. arent you proud. i will post to let you know if i survive or youuuuuuu

Holly C. said...

No, I did not have a friend over. You know I don't entertain much. You have fun on your bike ride, you crazy woman! Love you too!

Anonymous said...

Sensible solution!

Dawnie said...

I am sad. I want some of those Premium mini crackers and I looked for them today but I couldn't find any. Boohoo. I'll keep looking because they are just too darned cute!!