Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Photo journaling-new life in an abandoned flower pot

This never fails to amaze me-I'm so glad I had a birds eye view!
The robins decided to build a nest in one of my abandoned flower pots that was hanging from the deck.
* Day 1*

*Day 2*

*Day 3*

*Day 4*

Mama on her nest-note the piece of plastic built into the nest.

Newborns!  (Only two eggs hatched.)
*Day 16*

Feed me, feed me!!!
*Day 17*

A different perspective-this photo taken from the ground.  All other photos taken from the deck.
*Day 21*

What a difference 12 days makes!
*Day 16 and day 27*

Mustering up the courage to fly away like brother/sister did!  I swear he/she stood like this for 24 hours.  But he/she, of course, eventually took the leap!
*Day 28*