Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Photo journaling-I planted a few sunflower seeds and they actually grew!

I planted an old pack of sunflower seeds behind my house using the stab and drop method.

 Take screwdriver. Stab the hard ground. Drop seed in hole. Half-heartedly push dirt over hole with finger. Wait.

 This method works quite well!
Almost ready.

Getting closer-the view from outside.

Made it!  The view from inside.

The view from behind is equally as pretty as the view from the front!

One of the stalks fell over, so I brought it in.  So cheery!
I want to dry the flowers now, so that the birds can eat the seeds. :)


Susi said...

And they are lovely. Love the stab and drop method, you are a hoot!

Holly C. said...