Thursday, April 30, 2015

Photo journaling, ahhhhhhhhhh-SPRING!!!

Some nature photos from the last month or so-going backwards:
This was a lovely tree branch at Trader Joe's!  Just 50 miles south of where I live all the trees are in bloom.  I think we are a week or so behind up here in the north!

A fuzzy wuzzy cattail-this was taken yesterday.

Busy as a fuzzy wuzzy bee-this was yesterday too.

I found these sweet little grape hyacinths in a field when I was at an anniversary party on Sunday.

This is what woodpeckers do.  I wish I could catch them in action!

April 21st was a good cloud/sky day!

A perfectly placed cloud-April 21st.

I never get tired of rainbows!!!  April 21st

The buds are budding

Mossy green-what a beautiful shade!

This was a good day!  See that white speck-this was the last of the winter's snow.  :)  April 6th

I also found yellow and honey bees on April 6th.  

What a beautiful day it was.

I have more pics that I may upload later today.  Have a great day!


Susi said...

Lovely photos as always.

Holly C. said...

Thanks, Susi!