Monday, March 30, 2015

Photo journaling

Some photos from the last month or so:
Moonset-I took this photo one morning as the moon was setting below the horizon.  (I took it through the window while sitting at the table.)

I puppysat my puppy nephew, Diesel.

He's so cute and getting so big!

Darling clementines-fruit is so photogenic.

We had turkeys coming in to our bird feeder every day for a few weeks looking for food.  We threw corn out for them too.

The first day of spring.  Pretty but...ughhhhhhh!!!

My new hobby-reading books on nutrition.

Our handsome beastie boy, Rocco, turned 5 on March 4th.  We love him so!!!

Here he is on his birthday, looking all silly-ready to pounce because I was holding up a treat.

Pittsburgh skyline-my daughter sent me this photo.

I see this (looking at her phone)-a lot!

A girl and her cat!  My daughter and Boogz!

That's all for now-have a great day!


Molly said...

I love your pictures .. especially of your big boy. I always smile when I see him. Rottweilers rule!

Holly C. said...

Thanks Molly and yes they do!

Susi said...

Another post filled with awesome photos. Love the moon photo. Might I ask what lens you use. Your photos are always so lovely.

Holly C. said...

Thanks, Susi!

I use a Nikon Coolpix P500. (Which is considered a bridge camera-sort of between a point and shoot and a DSLR. I just found out what it was called this past weekend.)Anyhow-I can't change lenses on my camera!

Holly C. said...

PS-My camera was a Mother's Day gift almost four years ago!