Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Photo journaling-brrrrrrrrr!!!

Some photos from the last couple weeks:
What a bunch of flakes!  (Hanging out on the deck.)

Snow is certainly beautiful...

but I'm ready for spring!

Lidl Gurl, super model kitty-cat

Smoothie-on a freezing cold day.  I had to put on layers after this one.

Heart peeps!  So pretty.  I normally hate the taste of peeps, but these are strawberry flavored and I liked them.

Chipping sparrow

Chocolate covered strawberries that I bought my daughter for her 23rd birthday.

The Roc is keeping watch with his eye dots!

Tufted titmouse sitting in the dogwood tree

Baby bellas looking so pretty!

The snowball effect

Rocco never minds the cold.

The other morning, the sun was shining just right on the floating snowflakes-making them look like glitter.  So cool and beautiful!
That's all for now-have a great day!


Dawnie said...

It is BRRRR... Love your snowy pix even though I am tired of cold weather. Lidl Gurl has such gorgeous eyes! Your bird pix are just beautiful,Holly. Did you ever enter any in "Birds & Bloom"? They are so pretty!!!!!!! Love your bowl with the portabella mushrooms. Jodie loves portabellas too! You are brave to drink a Smoothie on days like these! Miss you, dear friend!!

Holly C. said...

Miss you too, dear Dawnie!

littlemancat said...

Well done, Holly! I especially love the one of the titmouse with the wonderful background - just beautiful! And the last one, too. And oh those turquoise eyes of your grand-kitty!
I agree that you really should think about submitting your photos to magazines like "Birds and Blooms."
These are real winners.

Holly C. said...

Thank you, Mary!

Rhonda said...

you make winter almost look nice :-)

Holly C. said...

Haha, Rhonda. I know-it can be so beautiful, yet so...cold and dark and depressing!