Saturday, February 28, 2015

It's cold!

A chipping sparrow hiding in the dogwood tree.

Mr Junco posing so nicely for me.

Pretty frost formations on my rear view mirror.

Frosty dogwood

Mr. Ram the Hood Ornament is up to his ears in snow.

Rocco is in his glory!  (Below zero temps don't bother him!)

Well, I think we've rounded the corner!  Only a few more weeks of winter left. 

 I'm looking forward to open doors, warm breezes, natural vitamin D production, fragrant and colorful blossoms, the smell of cut grass, robins, flip flops, and the sound of crickets!

What are you looking forward to?  I want to know!

Have a great day!  


Susi said...

I love your Winter pictures but I to am over it and so ready for exactly what you described. Spring can't come soon enough. Looks like we'll get a taste of it next weekend! : )

Holly C. said...

Yay! I can't wait for spring!

Anonymous said...

Hanging laundry on the line. Nothing better than the smell of wind and sunshine! I have peeking at your blog off and on for a few years, thank you for creating it. Your photos are magnificent!!

Holly C. said...

Thank you!

I LOVE seeing clothes on the line!