Monday, January 26, 2015

Photo journaling

Some photos from the last month or so-more than I thought there was!
New Year's Eve sunset

A little red bandit

The grandkitties, as always:

He's one cool cat.

Pitt panther


Little girl

Or maybe I'll spell it Lidl Gurl.  (These pics are a bit blurry-she's moves so fast.  But they'll still make cute magnets.)

Awwwwww-Lidl Gurl!!!!!!!
Sunrise-one morning when I had to go track down the Roc.

Sunrise shadow

The friendly sky


The bracelet my daughter got me for Christmas

Kitchen windowsill


I just love this afghan I got at Goodwill a few years ago.  (The thing really holds the heat.)

I wish I could thank the person that made it and let them know that it is used and loved.  :)

The story of my life

Udon noodles

Tea on the windowsill

The Roc-in his element

Awwwwww-my handsome big boy!  I can't believe he'll be five in March!
That's all for now-have a wonderful day!


Susi said...

Always love your photo journaling. The sparkle photo is a favorite of mine.

Holly C. said...

Thank you, Susi!

Unknown said...

Always such wonderful pictures. You live in such a beautiful area...and Roc is as handsome as always!

Holly C. said...

Thanks, Robbie!

littlemancat said...

Holly - these are such nice pics! As always. Love the kitties and your handsome Roc. Hard to pick my favorite of all your pretty rag rugs, though that first one really catches my eye, love the sea colors.

Holly C. said...

Thanks, Mary! I like that one too. :)

Dawnie said...

Love all your beautiful pix! That Roc is regal. What a poser. Your grandkitties are beautiful too. Great taste to Hoper for that sweet bracelet. Happy Birthday to her too!! Love the red bandit. I LOVE your birdie pix!! Keep up the great work. Your room can be a little messy, you are an Artist creating beautiful masterpieces!!!