Thursday, November 6, 2014

Photo journaling

***Some photos from the last few weeks***
Golden wheat-makes a cute header, don't you think?
My girlie and I stopped in Anthropologie a week or two ago.  (Loved that tree shadow.)  Love every thing in there, but didn't buy a thing this time.  (We ate at Jimmy Johns (a first for both of us), which was a few doors down.  We liked it!)

This was in the Anthropologie window.  I think I need this mug tree for all my mugs!

The mums outside of Anthro.
This is Baby Puss/Baby Girl.  (One of my grandkitties)  She is soooo beautiful and very, very sweet!
She actually wants to be petted and held, unlike her brother.

Nap time...again!

She matches my purse.

Sun nappers

Silly kitty cat!  This is my other grandkitty-he really doesn't like to be petted much.
Lastly-a ladybug!  There have been a lot of these around lately.
I have 9 new rugs to photograph when the sun decides to show her face again.  
Well-that it's for now, have a great day!


Susi said...

I'm always happy when I see your post on my blog reader. I love your photography and your sense of humor. I've pulled out my rebel and have been taking more pictures lately. I plan to do a little photo journaling on my blog.

Holly C. said...

Thanks, Susi! Have fun photo journaling!

littlemancat said...

Those grandkitties are so pretty. Love the baby's eyes. Your first and last pics are lovely too. A good eye, Holly. And looking forward to seeing the new rugs!
Have a happy week,

Holly C. said...

Thanks, Mary and I hope you have a happy week too!

Dawnie said...

Love your kitty pix! Love your new header too! I have never been in an anthropologie store. Can't wait to see your new rugs. I just had someone comment on your rugs yesterday when she stopped my house. She loved them! I have been blessed with many beautiful ones! You are quite the city girl!! Glad you are having fun with your girlie!!

Holly C. said...

Dawnie-you would love it there in Anthro!