Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Photo journaling-all the lovely pets

Meet Diesel-my new sweet-faced puppy boy nephew.

He's picking up chicks already-as my niece says.

Getting  the mail with Daddy.

I had forgotten how sweet puppies are.  Let me tell you-they are freaking sweet.

Here's Sophie-my sweet kittie cat niece.

I took these photos when we visited to celebrate my sister's (Kim) birthday.

She's 8 or 9 years old.

Here's da Roc on a beautiful day earlier this month.

Last but not least-the grandkitties!

Ahhhhhhhh-our wonderful pets-we love them so!


Susi said...

That little Diesel is so Adorable. Love the photo of Roc, I may do that myself if it ever warms up...probably Spring.
I had an episode with cats as a kids, so I've never owned one but I love all the photos of them.

Molly said...

I love your photos of da Roc so much! I miss my Jada so much and seeing your silly boy always makes me smile. A little lump in my chest ... but mostly smile :)

Rainey said...

Oh the cuteness!

Holly C. said...

Susi-I wish I could do that right now too, but there is snow out there

Molly-I'm so sorry about Jada. Losing our beloved pets is heartbreaking.

Rainey-I know!

Dawnie said...

Love all your babies! You need to photograph for shelters, I think their animals would be adopted in a heartbeat if they had someone to capture their sweetness!