Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Photo journaling-sunny corners, yummy food, and bea-u-ti-ful nature

A patchwork rug in a patchwork corner

Kitchen corner

My berry/banana smoothie

Look at that gorgeous kiwi!

Beautiful pomegranate!  Here's a link to a video on how to get all the seeds out of a pomegranate.  Emmy made in Japan  is one of my favorite YouTube channels.  (I chose the beat with the back of a spoon method-it works great.)

The best 99 cents I've spent in a while.

Oven fries ready for the oven


That's all for now-have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Photo journaling-all the lovely pets

Meet Diesel-my new sweet-faced puppy boy nephew.

He's picking up chicks already-as my niece says.

Getting  the mail with Daddy.

I had forgotten how sweet puppies are.  Let me tell you-they are freaking sweet.

Here's Sophie-my sweet kittie cat niece.

I took these photos when we visited to celebrate my sister's (Kim) birthday.

She's 8 or 9 years old.

Here's da Roc on a beautiful day earlier this month.

Last but not least-the grandkitties!

Ahhhhhhhh-our wonderful pets-we love them so!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Rag rug photoshoot

Here's the latest round of rag rugs:

The colors of my rugs are dictated by what sheets I'm finding at Goodwill and the thrift store. I'm always quite surprised that pretty rugs can be made from the random sheets I find.
I believe this is one of the two rugs that I gave my sister, Kim, for her birthday.  I can't be sure though, because I get them mixed up.

This one went to my mom.

This one went to my mom also.  (Much prettier in real life-I really liked this rug.)

The outer ring of this rug is made with a white sheet that I splashed watered-down hunter green craft paint on. (Just a little bit of paint, because there wasn't much left in the bottle.)  Then I let the paint dry and washed it and dried it in the dryer.  It was kind of like fabric-dying, I guess.  I then tore it up and crocheted it into this pretty rug.  Pure white sheets don't make the best rugs because-you know-dirt!

The center of this rug is made with a white sheet 'dyed' with green craft paint as I explained above.

This lovely little patchwork rug is a combination of two tattered stained rugs I had here at home.  (Including the very first rag rug I made.)  I'm glad I decided to salvage the good fabric, because I think this rug is quite pretty!  I wish I would have taken before pics-but I did not.

She would have been HOT in the 80's with the mauve tones going on here!  Now it's time to get back to my hook!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Photo journaling

***Some photos from the last few weeks***
Golden wheat-makes a cute header, don't you think?
My girlie and I stopped in Anthropologie a week or two ago.  (Loved that tree shadow.)  Love every thing in there, but didn't buy a thing this time.  (We ate at Jimmy Johns (a first for both of us), which was a few doors down.  We liked it!)

This was in the Anthropologie window.  I think I need this mug tree for all my mugs!

The mums outside of Anthro.
This is Baby Puss/Baby Girl.  (One of my grandkitties)  She is soooo beautiful and very, very sweet!
She actually wants to be petted and held, unlike her brother.

Nap time...again!

She matches my purse.

Sun nappers

Silly kitty cat!  This is my other grandkitty-he really doesn't like to be petted much.
Lastly-a ladybug!  There have been a lot of these around lately.
I have 9 new rugs to photograph when the sun decides to show her face again.  
Well-that it's for now, have a great day!