Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Photo journaling

Rocco-watching the leaves change color

When I called his name

Another time I called his name

I never get tired of rainbows.

The sun is off the deck in the afternoon, so I move to the yard to work on rugs.  I'm like a cat, looking for sunny spots.

Morning rays

A wet web

Toy soldier lichen on the deck railing

Another beautiful sunrise

Beautiful Baby Puss (one of my grandkitties) in a grocery bag.

Oh, Baby Puss!

She's really growing.  (She's two weeks older in this photo than the previous two.)

Here's my other grandkitty-Mr. Puss.

He's so handsome!

Pitt Panther

Cathedral of Learning on Pitt campus

Cows 'n clouds

Have a great day!


Susi said...

Awesome photos. Very photogenic kitty. My dog does the same when I call his name. I love the web, the cows with clouds, the sunrise and well all of them.

summerlily said...

Beautiful photos! I love that little kitty!!!

Holly C. said...

Thanks, Susi and Summerlily!

littlemancat said...

Love your pics! Really nice ones of the beautiful kitties- love how you caught their amazing eyes.

Dawnie said...

You sure can capture those sweet moments with your doggy and kitties! They are so adorable! Love your sunrise and rainbow! Soak up those rays, not many of those days left! Great photos,Holly!!

Holly C. said...

Thanks, dear!

Rhonda said...

Catching up on your blog! Great pics!